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From Cafepress

These aren't sculptures, but they are "Cthulhu-y":

Happy Valentines Day

The Cthuluhu Kissing BoothCheck out our kissing booth! The Stars are right... for romance.

Happy Birthday HP!

Cthulhu with balloons August 20th marks the anniversary of HP Lovecraft's birth.

read more about HP Lovecaft and his work.

Cthulhu For Sale

Cthulhu Overhead 2 A fiberglass sculpture of Cthulhu. Man-sized and durable. I made this out of fibreglass over an armature of metal, wood and foam.
You could buy it and put fear into the hearts of your neighbors!

more on my Cthulhu Sculpture

Cthulhu Embyros

Cthulhu Jars Everyone needs a little bit of Cthulhu: specimen jars containing the beginnings of evil. They're made of polymer clay and suspended in a neutra medium.

Visit the link to the Embyros

Tentacle Sculptures

Tentacle Sculpture II I built these to hang on a wall but appear to be trying to pull themselves off of the wall and make their escape. Build on a canvas frames and made out of fiberglass and polyester resin. They're sturdy-- sturdy enough to wait until even death may die.

Visit the link to Tentacle Sculptures

Coming Soon!

You know that somehting has to be coming soon, right?